Friday, August 15, 2008

Strategus Aloeus Research-Around the World We Go!!

Knowing that the pest was Strategus Aloeus, I began a new research.

I googled Stategus Aloeus and Palm. Bingo. I got lots of hits.

The problem: None of the articles originated in the United States.
This is a real setback.

Integrated Pest Management is based on research of pests in the United States.
The Border Patrol can't control these bugs-LOL

Management of S. Aloeus in Texas has probably been done through "word of mouth".

This bug is not listed on any pesticide label.
Physical controls are written in Spanish or Portugese.
This insect probably has different habits in Texas than in the tropics. It may have a longer larval state.
I wonder if it has a winter "dormancy"? More questions than answers.

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