Friday, August 15, 2008

Mexico Research in English

One of the few English Articles on the Internet. To do any research on Strategus Aloeus, lots of translation is needed.

I don't know if I violated copyright laws by only putting excerpts, but the article is wordy.

Link to full article:

The Presence of Strategus aloeus L. (Scarabaeidae) in the State of Tabasco, Mexico

Saúl Sánchez S. y Carlos F. Ortiz G

ASD Oil Palm Papers, No.16, 31-34. 1997

S. aloeus is found in widespread distribution in the Americas, and is a common pest in coconut and oil palms (Bondar 1940, Hartley 1967, Mariau 1976, Genty et al. 1978, Chinchilla 1997). It is found in almost all the states of Mexico (Morón et al. 1997), and has been classified as a species detrimental to the coconut palm (García 1981).

Besides Salcedo's (1986) report on the presence of O. rhinoceros in Tabasco, there is no indication of its presence in Mexico. However, various observations point to the incorrect identification of Strategus aloeus as O rhinoceros

. Strategus aloeus normally restricts its activity to young palms, especially those in their first two years in the field (Hartley 1967, Lever 1969, Mariau 1976, Genty et al. 1978).

The feeding patterns of O. rhinoceros and S. aloeus show notable variation. The first species establishes itself in the bud of the plant and then works its way down to the terminal shoot. The adult S. aloeus digs into the base of the plant and then works its way up (Child 1964, Piggott 1964, Fremond et al. 1966, Hartley 1967, Lever 1969, Genty et al. 1978).

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