Friday, August 15, 2008

August 7th: How I found out what was killing my palms

August 7th, 2008

I found out what was killing my palms.

When I first became interested in Palms, I discovered the International Palm Society. They have a wonderful forum at

From the Palm Talk Forum, I found out about the Palm Society of South Texas

A member of the Palm Society of South Texas was giving a talk at a the San Antonio Men's Garden Club. The meeting was open to the public. I'm so glad that I attended. In the presenation I learned that the rhinoceros beetle was the major pest of young palms in San Antonio.

I finally knew what was wrong!!!!

Thank God for the International Palm Society and their local chapter: Palm Society of South Texas.

Gosh....I've usually been able to solve gardening problems fairly easily, however, I would have never found out the problem if I hadn't attended the Palm Society presentation.

I feel like I need a "palm support group".....
Is there such as thing a "palm support" via IV (Intravenously Drip) ?

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